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First post, first commute, first day. Old nerves

So here it is, my first day commuting into London. My first proper job since I graduated from University this summer.

It’s also the first day back at school. As I tower above the youngsters boarding my train I can’t help but wish we could swap places. I always loved the first day of school; the new uniform complete with the most fashionable regulation black shoes “Clarks” have on offer, the stylish new bag, full to the brim with new pens, new pencils and the promise of a whole new term, knowing that at the end of it Christmas is waiting.

But alas for me, those days are over. But I bet your bottom dollar I still have the same mix of nerves and excitement the girls in front of me are feeling. But at least they have friends with them for support! I’m doing this alone. And the combination of nerves and excitement is creating a horrible feeling of nausea.

This nausea is not being helped by the middle aged woman sat besides me who has whopped out her lurid orange nail polish and is topping up her nails. And while her colour of choice is sickly enough, it’s actually the overpowering smell of peardrops that’s churning my sensitive stomach. This leaves has left me in somewhat of a dilemma, do i endure the smell, or open a window and risk appearing at work with windswept hair more resembling a birds nest than a glamourous “just got out of bed look”.

Well it’s soon time to depart from this train and step into the big wide world of work. wish me luck!

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